The LEGO User's Group
of Canada's Capital Region

Secret Santa MOC Exchange - December 6, 2004

Click here to check out the details and pictures from our first Secret Santa MOC exchange.

The 26th Annual Hobby Show - November 5-7, 2004
International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario - The Hobby Show Website

The Toronto LEGO club, rtlToronto, was nice enough to invite members of ParLUGment, along with other builders from across Ontario, to join them in setting up a display for this event.  A truly impressive collection of models, spanning a huge range of themes, was on display, in addition to rtlToronto's fantastic train layout.  Ka-On, Janey, Tim and Jason made the trip down and all had an awesome time.  In addition to the pictures below, you can check out rtlToronto's page about the event here for more.

Jason's Hobby Show 2004 Gallery
Jason's pictures
Janey's Hobby Show 2004 Gallery
Janey's pictures
Tim's Hobby Show 2004 Gallery
Tim's pictures

Railfair 27 - October 16-17, 2004
Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario

Our layout this year was another roaring success, being over double the size of the previous year's.  Highlights this year included a working amusement park, motorized cows, a scavenger hunt, an independant loop that kids could control and an area where they could play with loose bricks.  Follow the links below to see the pictures taken by Tim, Kevin, Paul and Janey.

Tim's Railfair 27 Gallery
Tim's pictures
Kevin's Railfair 27 Gallery
Kevin's pictures
Paul's Railfair 27 Gallery
Paul's pictures
Janey's Railfair 27 Gallery
Janey's pictures

Brickfest 2004 - August 13-15, 2004
George Mason University, Arlington, Virginia - Brickfest Website

Jason, Jude, Karl and Paul made the trip down and had an awesome time hanging out with other LEGO enthusiasts.  The weekend was full of amazing people, wonderful MOCs and fabulous discussions.  Follow the link below to see the pictures taken by Paul.

Paul's Brickfest 2004 Gallery
Paul's pictures