The LEGO User's Group
of Canada's Capital Region

Danish Club of Ottawa - December 6, 2009
Ottawa, Ontario

The Danish Club of Ottawa held its annual family Christmas party which featured Christmas crafts for children, traditional Danish treats for everyone and Christmas carols sung around the Christmas tree. A few members of ParLUGment volunteered to show this Danish group what can be done with the famous plastic toy from their own country. The children were entertained for hours with the free build table, everyone enjoyed the mocs and sets on display, and more than just the children got involved in making Christmas ornaments in LEGO with instructions available from the LEGO website. Many Danes shared happy memories with the club members of hours spent, both in Canada and Denmark, playing and building with our favourite toy.

Deborah's Pictures

Deborah's pictures
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Jeff's pictures

Railfair 32 - October 17-18, 2009
Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario

This marks our seventh year of participation in Railfair!

Taylor's Pictures

Taylor's pictures

Egyptian LEGO Build - March 6-22, 2009
Museum of Civilization, Gatineau, Quebec

Club members led by Lee Beauregard displayed Egyptian-themed LEGO creations.  Visitors were able to build a giant building block pyramid.

Jeff's Pictures

Jeff's pictures