The LEGO User's Group
of Canada's Capital Region

Danish Club of Ottawa Christmas Party - December 5, 2010
Ottawa, Ontario

Once again the Danish Club of Ottawa invited members of ParLUGment to participate in the annual children’s Christmas party.  Young and old(er) enjoyed viewing and playing with their native toy.  LEGO designed Christmas ornaments were ready for building.  While all enjoyed viewing the MOCs, the children were more interested, naturally, in the free build table.

Deborah's Pictures

Deborah's photos

Railfair 33 - October 16-17, 2010
Algonquin College, Ottawa, Ontario

This marks our eighth year of participation in Railfair! Who could be tired of seeing LEGO trains?

Kevin's photos

Kevin's photos

Rideau Park United Church  - May 8, 2010
Ottawa, Ontario

Some members of the Club set up a compact display at the Hobby and Pastimes Show at Rideau Park United Church.  Many made their way to our room and many of those that did, didn’t want to leave - for the best LEGO reason ever - it was a hands-on, intereactive train layout.  The children were encouraged to play with the vehicles and move them around the layout - a very novel idea.  There was also a free build table beside the static displays, but the lure of the interactive layout was too strong.

Deborah's pictures

Deborah's photos

Beavers Colony meeting  - Jan 26, 2010
Rideau Park United Church, Ottawa, Ontario

Some members of the club attended a Beaver colony meeting with about 20 very LEGO-keen Beavers aged 5-7. We set up a small display of Lego Town kits and MOCs to inspire. The colony was split into 3 groups and were rotated through 3 activity centers. Area 1 - Free build with a race track to run their creations down. Area 2 - Tree building method demo.
Area 3 - Highrise floor building.  The floors were stacked at the very end showing what they accomplished as a team.

The LEGO generated an ample supply of enthusiasm and smiles from the children as well as the colony leaders. We recieved a huge thank you from the kids at the end of the meeting.  It was certainly fun for us.